Our Gourmet appointments

Breakfast and outdoor meals


We will offer you our Continental Breakfast ! Eggs, regional cheese, freshly squeezed fruit juice, homemade jam and marmelade made of citrus fruits of our garden, flowers confit of rose and violets, chestnut cream, one of our various mountains treats. A variety of breads and fresh home made croissants will be baked for you by our local baker. You can enjoy your breakfast throughout the year facing the fantastic view on our Azur balcony.


All located at a walking distance from our guests house ! No need for cars nor taxi !

The best place to enjoy your meals are right there !

Several passionate Chefs have set up in our unique village.

  • Julien, a prize-winning Chef (Michelin guide) from Vendée, will delight you with his creative and exceptional Cuisine.
  • Stefan, our Swedish Chef, offers a bistro Cuisine in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Giuseppe, a young Chef from Naples , will share his love of a local and generous Cuisine.
  • Caterina, our Sicilian Chef, will share her passion and her culinary expertise.
  • Stéphane from Paris region, will offer you to taste his provencal and fine local Cuisine while contemplating the village.
    And many others not to named them all.